Quick writing update - includes tonight's writing progrss

I had planned to do an informal NaNoWriMo for this November. For anyone who doesn't know NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Month (I think). It's basically a writing challenge, the idea being write 50,000 words in a month - this month. It's a kind of challenge to get you actually writing. Well I tried this a couple of years ago when I was writing my bawdy space opera detective noir novel (yes, I know it's a crazy mash-up) and fell two thousand three hundred words short. But writing 47.7K in a month was a result I will settle for. Anyway for one reason after another I have not been able to write ever night (something you need to do to have a chance of getting to 50K). And so on the 12th I find myself at a mere 8,585 words on the month - 2,306 of which were added tonight. That's an average of 715 words a day as opposed to the 1666 the schedule demands. Can I get it back? Well, maybe; but do I want to if it means not writing as well as I could. 50K of rub…

7 Days have passed me by

I'm struggling to understand how another week has gone by since I last post an entry here. It feels like I've blinked just a couple of times and it's Sunday afternoon again. Still, better bet on with it.

I have had a couple of writing sessions since last posting. I reported a week ago that Breath of Imagined Dead was on 18,190 words. Well It's moved on a touch since then and now has 22,016 words. Not the most productive week I know with only 3,826 words added. I've written double that in a single day before now. But it's progress so I should be grateful for that.

I'm the middle of a section of being generally unkind to my main characters. I want them to be put through the wringer a little so it seems all the more miraculous when they come out of their current predicament. I just need to make sure I don't do without the proverbial pulling a rabbit out your arse trick. I think I have a believable plot so fingers crossed it all works out.

Aside from writi…

Sunday afternoon writing (and a links summary)

Had a bit of time this afternoon so I hit the keyboard (repeatedly). As a result I've taken my ya supernatural novel, Breath of Imagined Dead, up to 18,190 words, with 2,453 of them having been added today. Not a bad afternoon of writing. Unfortunately it's my first writing time this month.

For all my inner promises (and I may have mentioned it here or on social media) that I was going to try a NaNoWriMo this month I was a little doomed by having some work (day job) and other functions to attend every day/evening since the start of the month. I'm not trying to make an excuse. I'm going to give catching up the day average a try this week as my wife is away on a work trip for two nights so I'll have a little time.

The real aim though is not just maintaining a daily average for an arbitrary challenge. The real aim is getting the draft finished. I'd like to have this story written before Christmas which means adding a further 72K in 7 weeks if I'm going to be …

The book is out

I am now a published novelist.

I just wanted to type that sentence; just to see how it looked. It looks good. It makes me happy. I will now never not be a published novelist. I've entered a new phase in my life you might say. Not that I'm going to let it go to my head - for one thing my wife wouldn't let me. She's far too sensible. But for the main reason that I don't want to stop trying to be good at this.

Yes, I've been published but that shouldn't be the pinnacle of it. I don't want to risk complacency in any way. I want to be published again. I want to get better at this writing stuff. I want to be as good as I can. And I want to remember always that there is always room for improvement. I want a second book to come out and have someone say it's better than the first; and a third to be better than the second and so on.

Of course this does mean I have to do the writing. So I must also knuckle down and get busy. But that's not going to be ton…

It's been a week

Well okay, it's been a little more than a week. I promised myself I was going to blog more regularly when I started doing it again a little over a month ago and had been keeping to it. Until the last eleven days that is. And a few things have happened in that time.

For one thing my book is now eleven days closer to being released. Here's another screen shot. Just in case you haven't seen enough of it. I know I haven't (yeah, I'm still buzzed).

Last Sunday I went to Huddersfield Haunting. Here's their Facebook page -

It was Huddersfield's first horror convention and it was an enjoyable experience. Mostly for me because I got to meet my publisher at Writer's Sanctum Publishing (

I was a little nervous beforehand as we have had many great email conversations over the months and whereas I thought from them we would get along well you never know until you meet in the …


Two weeks before your book comes out is a strange time for doubt; or perhaps it isn't. Maybe there's a natural tendency to worry about whether anyone will buy it; and then whether they'll read it. And then of course there is the worrying about whether anyone will like it. But strangely that's not the kind of doubt I'm on about.

You see a couple of days ago I bought some books - not an unusual thing. Well I have started reading one of them - Robert Harris's Munich. Now I like Harris's work. I read Conclave just a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. But this is something different. You see I'm reading Munich and starting to question why I am even trying to write.

Now I'm not saying this is the best book in the world EVER. For one thing I'm only five chapters in so it's far too early to judge and, being honest, it's unlikely to beat the books I rate at the top of my personal list - Foucault's Pendulum, Dune and Midnight's Child…

Some links - interviews and Amazon

I may have mentioned a few days ago that I have been doing some interviews to support the now imminent release of my debut novel the Stairs Lead Down. Well these interviews are starting to appear out these in the world.

The first was on Heather Weicht's Blog. Here's the link to her website
Heather Weicht's Website
When you're there just click on the BLOG menu item at the top and you'll see the interview

The most recent is featured on Pamela Morris and you can see it at
Interview on Pamela Morris's Website
The fun thing with this one is it includes a 100 word drabble I wrote and sold a few years only to have the magazine fold before it could be published. It also has a brief sample from the Stairs Lead Down so you can give it a look.

The final set of links I have for you are to the kindle pages for the book on Amazon UK / US / Canada / Australia. You know, just in case you fancy buying yourself (or in this case pre-ordering yourself) a copy. No pressure though, I…